Who We Are

Invest in great companies based on bold ideas that meet at the intersection of science, strategy and operational reality. The internet is creating more wealth, disrupting more businesses, and unleashing more innovation than any force in the history of technology. We always look beyond the numbers, companies with great assets and exponential financial upside.

Business Builders

We bring more to the table than money; we use our broad business knowledge to help management identify and capitalize on opportunities and address challenges. The firm’s core target sectors are software and technology-enabled services and energy. We have participated approximately in $2 billion of institutional capital since inception and its principals have led or co-led over 50 transactions.


This organization offers the flexibility to invest strategic financial capital with sophisticated intellectual property while maintaining efficiency and flexibility providing distinctive access to a complete range of venture capital services.

Private Equity

Over the last 15 years, we have invested in minority shareholding in technology creating partnerships with the private and public enterprise. We offer unique and innovative financing solutions to borrowers in many types of businesses, across different industries, and in various situations. We aim to connect entrepreneurs, investors, executives, academics, R&D experts, and others in the technology ecosystem.
Our priority is innovation to improve the way we live and work. We are creative in structuring and providing innovative debt financing solutions to the middle-market companies seeking to partner with extraordinary entrepreneurs and assist them as they build world class technologies and Innovation.

Our company is controlled and managed by its senior partners, we act as a unique and truly independent point of contact.

Managing Assets with Expertise & Experience

By providing both our own and the best in third-party expertise across asset classes and markets, we give clients access to investment opportunities across the broadest range of sources. We also allow clients to harness investment potential using the vehicle that best suits their needs.We aim companies typically have revenues between $50 million and $250 million, transaction size generally ranges between $50 million and $750 million. We will sponsor larger transactions by co-investing with its limited partners.


This organization offers flexibility to invest strategic financial capital with sophisticate intellectual property while maintaining efficiency and flexibility providing distinctive access to a complete range of venture capital services. We invests primarily in companies that already have a product and typically only need about $1 million to get to profitability. Our focus is to invest in companies that don’t need further financing following the Fund’s completion of the final early round. Rounds are typically in the $250,000 to $500,000 range, with $700,000 to $1 million generally being invested in any single startup company.
The ability to identify and cultivate value in emerging growth companies is the hallmark of venture capital firms. Managing risk, controlling burn rate, and encouraging innovation in the development and commercialization of products and services throughout the portfolio are priorities. From fundraising through capital deployment, value enhancement, and eventual exit, Crescent Hill Capital helps venture capital investors meet fund and portfolio company audit and tax requirements, accelerate growth throughout the portfolio, and strengthen investor relationships.


In a number of critical areas, including legal, tax and personnel matters, a VC can provide active support, all the more important at a key stage in the growth of a young company. Faster growth and greater success are two potential key benefits. We are focused on a variety of industries that are technology related including in no particular order: Big Data Consumer, A.I Enterprise Software, Tactical Mobile Enterprise, Asymmetry Communications, Aerospace Planning, Artificial Neural Networks, Neuroscience Brain, Cloud Data Services, Cyber Security, Response & Threat Intelligence Analytics.

Consistent Diversified Strategy

Since 2004, we continued our diversified approach to venture capital investing by deploying capital in information technology and strategic markets. Our leadership team is comprised of experienced investors who are active entrepreneurs with expertise in scientific, engineering and biomedical field. We invest in the combination of technology, artificial Intelligence and biotech.
Every situation is unique and we work with companies to find a solution that fits their needs, a partnership with us, a reorganization, a management buyout, succession planning, or any other investment-related opportunity.


We find that PE (buyout) funds with more diversified portfolios across sectors and regions have higher returns throughout the entire period of our sample. More importantly, we find that sector and regional diversifications provide favorable returns during the boom periods and diversifications adversely or insignificantly affect funds’ returns during the downturns (busts). This is consistent with supply and demand theory and modern portfolio theory under regime switching conditions.

Our Approach

Our approach is identifying managers and strategies well positioned to deliver attractive, long-term capital gains.

Given our deep history in venture capital, we are focused on adding value post-investment we believe are strong long-term growth outlooks.
The success in Private equity, and Venture capital in particular, depends on an in-depth understanding of the marketplace, combined with the application of forward-looking research and critical thinking. As a result, identifying the next generation of leading funds is an important component of our investment strategy and early investment success.

Success through Alignment and Motivation

Throughout the process, we align our interests with our partners’ – Crescent Hill Capital employees are motivated by investing in our funds, and we broadly distribute carried interest.


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